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1-800-967-1827 (6:00 AM TO 10:00 PM ORDER LINE)


1-800-461-3979 (Orders Only Please!) or (610) 670-0135




Most orders filled immediately.

  • Visa / Mastercard / Discover / Novus / American Express
  • Money Order
  • Cashier’s Check
  • Certified Check
  • Personal Check (subject to bank clearance before shipment and may delay your order ). For quickest shipment please pay with money order, certified check, credit card, or debit card.
  • Checks returned for non-sufficient funds may be collected electronically along with a return fee of up to $30.00.


In order to protect our customers from fraudulent charges, after placing your order, we ask that you call us from your phone number on file with your credit/debit card for verification purposes. Please phone us at 1-800-967-1827 or 1-800-822-9995 with your name and order number.

We understand this is an extra step in the process, but once we can verify your identity and have you registered as a customer, you will be able to skip this step on future orders. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.



Free shipping on orders of $150.00 or more!

Orders between $40.00 and $149.99 have a flat rate shipping cost of $8.00 – no matter how many items are ordered!

Orders under $40.00 have a flat rate shipping cost of $12.00.

SPecial Instructions

Because packages must be received at the institution within the quarterly period for which they were purchased, please order at least 2 weeks or more in advance of the quarter-end.

The four quarterly periods are as follows:
Quarter 1: January 1 thru March 31
Quarter 2: April 1 thru June 30
Quarter 3: July 1 thru September 30
Quarter 4: October 1 thru December 31

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) has approved this independent vendor to sell merchandise to inmates and the public. CDCR’s brief review and approval of this vendor was strictly limited to minimum security requirements and general business intent. The CDCR is not affiliated with this vendor and does not guarantee that the vendor will fulfill any obligations, perform as expected, nor permanently remain in business, nor does the CDCR guarantee the vendor’s products in any way. Any purchases from this vendor are at the buyer’s sole risk. The CDCR assumes no liability whatsoever for such purchases, nor any aspect thereof. Any issues or disputes regarding the vendor’s products are the sole responsibility of the buyer and/or the vendor, and the CDCR is not obligated to mediate or resolve any such disputes.
All products in this catalog are approved for quarterly packages for privilege groups a, b, c, and d.

Backorders and substitutions are not permitted. In the event an item is out of stock or discontinued, a full refund for that item will be issued to the purchaser.

Prices good thru December 31, 2021. Please note from time to time some products may be discontinued beyond our control by the manufacturing lab.

The maximum weight per order allowed is currently 30 pounds.

How to figure the weight of your package

1. Allow 2 pounds for the box and packing materials.

2. Each item has a “weight in pounds” listed beside it in tenths of a pound . For example, an item listed as 1.2 pounds is 1 and 2 tenths of a pound per bottle. An item listed as .5 pounds is 5 tenths of a pound or one-half pound per bottle. For 6 pack pricing (or 3 pack pricing), we listed the weight per 6 pack. For example, a 6 pack listed as 4.1 pounds means 6 bottles of that product weigh 4.1 pounds, not 4.1 pounds per bottle. Another example: an item weighing .6 pounds and an item weighing .4 pounds totals 1 pound (.6 + .4 = 1.0 pounds or 1 pound even).

Box and packing material allowance 2.0 pounds
1 6 pack (6 bottles) of #43 maximum one-a-day (1 x 3.9 = 3.9) 3.9 pounds
2 bottles of #11 protein/amino acid at 1.6 pounds each (2 x 1.6 = 3.2) 3.2 pounds

Total Weight 9.1 pounds

We will weigh orders before shipping. If an order received is overweight (over 30 pounds), we will use our judgment and fill as much of the order we can and issue a full credit or refund to you or the purchaser for the balance of the unshipped amount.
Formula descriptions printed in this catalog may vary slightly from time to time from the actual product received due to a slight formula change after catalog printing or due to inadvertent printing error.
Orders of $250.00 or more get 1 bottle code #99 veggie vitamins 90 tablets for only 1cent!

(Prison rules do not allow us to give free anymore so we did the next best thing for a penny)

Return Policy

Backorders and substitutions are not permitted. In the event an item is out of stock or discontinued, a full refund for that item will be issued to the purchaser.

Merchandise can be returned at inmate expense in unopened, unmarked, undamaged resaleable condition within 60 days of shipment for full credit (minus our cost of shipping to an inmate) towards the purchase of future merchandise. Request for check or credit card refund instead of credit toward future purchase subject to an additional 15% restocking fee. Example: inmate returns merchandise totaling $105.00 ($100.00 worth of merchandise plus $5.00 shipping) for a credit towards a future purchase. If the merchandise cost us $10.00 to originally ship, you will have a $95.00 credit on file ($105.00 less our $10.00 shipping costs) good towards a future purchase. In the same example but instead of requesting a refund, the refund would be for $79.25 ($105.00 less our $10.00 shipping cost less $15.75 restocking fee (15% of $105.00 restocking fee)). United parcel service now charges us return shipping fees for refused/returned packages that are not prepaid by the inmate. If a package is returned in cases of us having to also pay return shipping and/or issue a call tag for unwanted merchandise instead of the inmate returning at his expense, those additional return shipping and/or call tag costs will be deducted from any credit or refund.

We recommend you insure any returned package because we can not issue credits or refunds on lost or damaged packages (note: packages we shipped that are unopened and in the original packaging and refused by the institution upon arrival are automatically insured)
Opened merchandise or factory seal broken merchandise can not be returned (unless somehow defective). See below for damaged merchandise.

Packages refused by the institution due to damage or packages containing damaged merchandise as a result of shipping (or in the very rare case of defective merchandise) do not go to the expense of returning the damaged items. Have the institution or purchaser contact us. We will file a claim with united parcel service and replace the damaged merchandise at no extra expense to you or issue a full refund. (note: an example of defective merchandise would be broken tablets or tablet shortage (very rare). “ I don’t like the taste” or “I didn’t get the results I expected” is not an example of defective merchandise)

Refused packages: (example: inmate on admin. Seg., being disciplined, paroled, did not want, prison mistake, etc.) same as above in paragraph one but we can re-ship if allowed upon reimbursing for our actual shipping costs (and return shipping costs if any). For example, the package is returned which costs us $10.00 to originally ship and we are charged $10.00 for return shipping. Upon payment of $20.00, we will re-ship.

FREE SHIPPING available!


$8 Flat Rate for All Orders from $40 to $149.99

$12 Flat Rate for All Orders Under $40

Phone Orders 1-800-967-1827

Questions? 1-800-822-9995

6:00am to 10:00pm EST

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